Shipments and returns

 Goods for return under the laws of Lithuania

 Legal regulation of the return of goods

 The return of goods is usually discussed in terms in the contract. If they are not covered by the contract or agreement is not concluded, we have to follow the purchase and sale relations legislation, etc. Y. Civil Code of the Republic of Lithuania, Lithuanian Minister of Economy in 2001 29 June Order Nr. 217 "The duffel return and exchange approval of rules, and more.

In accordance with this legislation, the return of goods can be divided into two groups:

1)  Returning goods of poor quality;

2)  Returning goods of adequate quality.

The acquisition of poor quality product, we have the right to require the vendor to replace the product of sufficient quality product, reduced price or return the money paid for the goods. If you purchased poor quality non-food products, the legislation provides for the opportunity to require the removal of defects or reimbursement of expenses if the buyer removes the disadvantages. Of course, this provision applies only when the product is sold the seller did not inform the buyer of the goods of poor quality.


You can return or require the replacement not only of poor quality, but also of adequate quality goods. Ministry of Civil Code 6362 Art. Paragraph 1 states that the purchaser may, within fourteen days of non-food items referred to it, if the seller has established a longer term, change things for the purchase or purchase another vendor specified location other similar size, shape, color, pattern or complexity of things. It also approved the list of goods covered by these provisions do not say the acquisition of good quality perfume, cosmetics, toys and other Lithuanian Minister of Economy in 2001 29 June Order No. 217 The Return of Things and modification of the Approval of specified goods, the seller is not specified in the requirement for these products.


2. Dispatch rules



The seller delivers the goods ordered by Customer at the address given.

The cost of delivery depends on the weights and is adding to the overall value of the basket of goods.

The seller delivers the goods only upon payment of the buyer (the choice of payment.)

Goods are delivered by a courier delivery company, who contacts the Buyer on the exact delivery time. The buyer himself is responsible for the delivery time or delivery location.

Delivery dates

Goods will be delivered to the Buyer: 2-3 working days in Lithuania within 3-4 business days in Latvia within 3-4 business days in Estonia, within 4-5 business days in Poland, in 5-7 working days to other countries in the world.


3. Rules of repairing and shipping amber beads

The seller of the goods provides some guarantee. From the moment of receipt of the guarantee is granted the following products:

In cases when a product does not guarantee states covered by the guarantee provided for in relevant national legislation.

Warranty by the seller.

Poor quality products is replaced by a similar quality product or returned the money.